Today we live in a world where technology demands a large amount of athletes’ and sponsors’ time to get their name and product out to the public and potential buyers. Rodeo Athletes Inc. has created the first of its kind website where social media, athletes, sponsors, colleges, universities, agents, events, and the largest endorsed product store-front in the western industry are all tied together.

In the Immersion Age of Rodeo Athletes Inc. where RodeoAthletes.com allows The Sponsor and Athlete to maximize their social media reach and minimize their time spent. This allows them time to connect directly in a two-way dialogue with their consumers and fans without intermediaries or solely about product or services, but about topics that are simultaneously relevant and interesting to both fans and sponsors. Rodeo Athletes Inc. is continuing to teach sponsors and athletes to create and distribute their own high-quality content. By the same token, the customer will engage the brands content, contributing, and consuming. Social media will become a conduit rather than a like or follow button. It will become part of their network within which the brand/athlete and the consumer speak to each other. It is the air wave. As with the Digital Age of marketing, the measures are precise, the brand or athlete knows instantly what is popular and important with its engaged consumers and fans; also, it knows what they like and what they share, which deepens the relationship between fan and brand. They genuinely like each other. It is like a two-way laser, targeting between the brand, athlete and individual consumer; actively pointing at each other.

David Ogilvy may have predicted this future by saying, “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising.”

How RodeoAthletes.com works, is athlete sponsors, universities, events, and agents build their own profile on the site which will allow them to engage and speak to one another; but most importantly, it allows them to speak directly to their customers and fans by helping them find what they are looking for to improve their talents and lives.

Athlete Profiles

Athlete Profiles will allow the athlete and their fans to speak to each other as well as let The Athlete to show off the products they endorse with videos and their own store linked to the products they endorse. The site will also allow athletes to seek out an agent to help them align with sponsors and potential sponsorships offered to athletes in the industry. With that being said, the greatest thing the site will offer, is that an athlete will be able to post on one site and it will go out to all of their social media platforms with a custom sponsor or athlete signature. This allows the athlete to promote their sponsors at the level which their sponsors demand for said sponsorships. This site will also help the youth athletes promote their talents and achievements to colleges and universities across the world with complete profiles to share to potential schools and sponsors as they expand their competition level.

Sponsor Profiles

Sponsor Profiles allow the sponsor to have their own store on Rodeoathletes.com as well as have their products tied to the sponsored athlete and their personal profile and store. This will give the sponsor maximum exposure of their product. The site will also be the one-stop social media post for the sponsors, allowing them to spend more time in direct dialog with their customers and promote their products the way it will be needed in the Immersion Age.

College / University Profiles

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Agent Profiles

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Event Profiles

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